Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Question Wednesday #1

These are the questions for 'Question Wednesday' a brilliant idea by Aly who has the blog Wonderland Beauty. Please visit her blog, it is fabulous and feel free to join in :)

1} What is your favorite color? How about your least favorite? 
I really love black as a colour and also red, coral and teal. I can't decide!!! My least favourite colour is pink.
2} What is your favorite color in a lip product? 
I wear nude brown tones on my lips. 
3} What is your favorite color for eyeshadow? 
Beige-y brown.
4} What was your favorite color as a child? 
5} What is your favorite color combination?
Beige/Red/Black all together. 

The link to Wonderland Beauty is:


  1. great answers!I used to love black and hate pink when I was younger, but now I prefer brighter colors.

  2. I love pairing red and black together!

  3. Great answers! I agree, teal is awesome!

    Thanks so much for participating!!

  4. My polish addiction is quite new, I think I might start 'loving' brighter colours when summer comes :) Black and red look awesome together! And I love teal polishes, so pretty :)

  5. I'm the same as you as far as eyeshadow! I basically only wear brown eyeshadows, lol. Sometimes I'll venture out to a copper... but not usually. :P

  6. I was the same before i gt my hair coloured bright red...only used to use brown i barely ever wear all greens, blues etc....the red gave me the confidence to experiment more!! so much more fun!!
    New follower xx

    1. Thanks for following my blog!
      I love red hair....actually been thinking about dyeing my hair red :)
      I will go check out your blog now!


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