Thursday, 19 July 2012

The winter challenge day 9 - geometric

Today I wanted to bring you something special, something unique, inspiring and hopefully interesting. I have my fingers crossed. I am a complete novice at nail art stuff but I put a ton of effort into this and despite the mistakes I hope you enjoy the post. Just don't look too closely. Hahaha

Ok so my first attempt was to put bold triangular tips on nude polish but as you can see it was underwhelming.

Then I tried stripes but the colours didn't contrast enough (and they were messy).

Finally I decided to remove everything all my polish and start from scratch. I used ulta3's blue marlin and mermaid green. Both polishes are cremes, dry quickly, reliable and awesome. 

This was my first sticky tape mani and I am quite happy with how it turne out. It's not very elegant and I accidently ruined a bit of it during clean-up but by that point I was over it! If you would like to do this for yourself the only piece of advice and the most important tip I can give you is make sure you stick the tape onto the top of your hand and give it a good rub before putting it onto your nail. This removes some of the glue. Otherwise the tape will pull your polish off  :( 
Been there done that :/ 

So here are the photos:

I have seen far more complicated scotch tape mani's and although I am keen to perfect this technique I think I will stick with the more simple designs and patterns are the moment. One idea I definitely want to try out is the horizontal stripe but with silver either side of it. Maybe on the weekend if I get time :)

Would love to know what you think of this technique and my attempt. 



  1. Well done. I did try using post it notes the sticky side and that was a disaster lol. I know how it feels when things go wrong and you have to start again. I will have to try sticky tape instead.

  2. You should definitely try the sticky tape method. It was really easy!


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