Thursday, 19 July 2012

The winter challenge Day 8

The theme for today is "your favourite nails" so everybody is probably expecting photographs of some gorgeous manicure but whilst I have a select group of polishes that I call my 'favourite' they have either already appeared on my blog recently or are going to be part of a future blog. So I didn't really know what to do but I decided to think back to what started my addiction to nail polish. It was probably Revlon's 'Poppy'. But then I realised that it was actually the fact  that I had stopped biting my nails chronically. You would not believe how dreadful my nails were this time last year! Anyway today I am going to show you my natural, healthy and relatively long nails. They have just been cut, buffed and are currently wearing a base coat in preparation for day nine of the challenge.Photos are not great and I know they do not look that impressive but I did just cut them because if I let them too long they break and then I have to cut them real short :(  Boring, I know, but here are the photos.

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