Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Top 5 products under $10 July

The title of this post is pretty self-explanatory, I am going to show you my top 5 products all available for under $10 for the month of July :)
I hope you enjoy this new kind of post, let me know in the comments section please :) There is no word-verification required so it should now be a lot easier to comment. 

1. Lush Ultrabalm $7.95 - admittedly I have only had this product for two days but I am already falling head over heels in love with this balm. I will post a review after I have used it for a bit longer. First impressions is that it is a soothing and moisturising balm that can be applied dry and chapped skin. 

2. Nivea's Lip care Honey & Milk $3.95 - yep another lip balm! 

3. OmShe nail polish $9.95 - it's free from nasty chemicals and made in Australia. 

4. Essence's mattifying compact powder - I decided I wanted to experiment with some compact powder because whenever I see my self in photos my face seems really shiny. Plus, I heard that compact powder might help my foundation stay on for longer (yes I use primer too). 

5.  Face of Australia acetone free nail polish remover $3.99 - a polish addict needs a good nail polish remover. This is what I am currently using.  

*Please note that the prices above are estimates. Whilst I cannot remember the precise cost of every single item listed they were all under $10 and even though some items were on sale they are all below $10 even before discounts*


  1. Hmm i like the sound of the Milk & Honey lipbalm, havne't seen those around. Gotta love lush though, i don't think anything on their stand is more then $6. :)

  2. I double checked and it cost me $7.90 which I think is awesome because the tin is huge and going to last forever :)
    Thanks for commenting on my blog :) Have a lovely day!

  3. I can't wait for your review on the balm! I couldn't decide whether or not to get some of it.

  4. Thanks for visiting!
    I will do a review on the balm very soon, this weekend if I get a chance:)


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