Tuesday, 17 July 2012

The winter challenge day 6 - pink nails

Ever since I can remember I have hated the colour pink with a passion however I think I may just have overcome my hatred of pink due to a couple of pink-toned polishes I have brought lately: Essence's 'Meet me now!' and Essie's 'Lion around' and 'your hut or mine'. They are just gorgeous and as soon as painted my nails I just went oooohhhhh :)

Anyway for day 6 of the challenge I am going to display 'Meet Me Now!' by essence.

This is a dusty deep pink tone that isn't too "Barbie" like for me, an anti-pink person, but is still quite a fun colour to me. Colour-wise I would say the bottle cap in the first picture is pretty accurate.

Formula-wise I would say that it wasn't quite as easy to apply as other essence polishes and probably requires a bit more patience than I had when applying this, perhaps 3 neat coats rather than 2 messy coats done in a hurry!!!
I hope you like this pink as much as I do :) Please feel free to leave a comment and if you are a new reader, you are more than welcome to jump into this challenge :)


  1. I love this exotic pink shade..(oops)I have a matching jacket to go with this.


  2. Thanks for visiting my blog :)
    That colour would make a stunning jacket!

  3. I have this shade and have noticed I have been doing the same brands and nail polish shades to you, I won't copy this one for pink day lol. I like pink it is actually a nice shade. I will be away sometime next week in Sydney NSW so unfortunately I will have to be out of the challenge for those days, i will catch up when I get back though. Thanks, Katey.

    1. hahaha it's totally fine if you use the stuff as me :)
      I agree, this pink is a nice shade! I really love essence polishes!!!! I forsee another essence haul soon in my future. I want to try their blush not sure if their face products will be as amazing as their polishes. Have fun in Sydney!!!!


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