Saturday, 11 August 2012

31 day challenge day 10 - Gradient Nails

I have never ever done gradient nails before but for a long long time I have been admiring other bloggers' gradients. It's so pretty and artistic and yet (supposedly) easy to achieve. So I got myself some sponges and attempted my first ever gradient today. One word can describe my attempt:
I don't know what I did wrong. Or maybe it was everything. I started with a base coat of Essence's 'Nude or What' and then using a sponge designed for liquid foundation my ModelsPrefer applied Revlon's 'Blue Slate' and 'Bold Sangria'. In  my head it was going to look fabolous but just change the subject shall we?

Photos are not the best because they were either taken inside with a flash or outside when it was nearly dark and spitting with rain. FUN!

One nail kind of worked (emphasis on the "kind of") but all the others were horrible....something wrong with my sponging technique I think! Oh well, it was my first ever gradient.

I think my thumb looks okay-ish.It is smooth and there is a gradient there.....just not as awesome and distinct as the one I imagined.

And well this I am ashamed to post but I though I should try and show what happened. And the tutorials make it look so easy!!! Probably should have just done a two-tone gradient rather than a 3-tone. 

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