Saturday, 11 August 2012

31 Day Challenge Day 9 - Rainbow Nails

Hi guys :) I hope you all  have a wonderful weekend.
The theme for day 9 is 'rainbow nails'. For some inspiration I had a look on the internet and found heaps of wonderful people who had drew beautifully curved rainbows onto their nails, complete with cute little fluffy clouds. I didn't think I could pull that off so I went a bit metaphorical with this challenge.

 For middle finger I used sticky tape to create a bold rainbow using:

  • Ulta3's blue marlin & mermaid green
  • Essence's Meet Me Now 
  • Kit's Start Up. 

Finally I used an awesome nail art pen that I just got to do the white stripes (will post more about this pen soon so stay tuned). Sadly by the time I could take photos the lines had smudged a bit so they are not as crisp as I wanted them to be for the photos but oh well, maybe it is even better that they are wonky....could represents clouds or something.
Before I put the white stripes on my nails this is how it looked. Maybe I shouldn't have done the stripes???

Sorry about the lack of clean-up on this nail. My cuticles are really sore at the moment so I decided not to pick and rub them with nail polish remover like a crazy lady to get rid of all the mess. Thank goodness my other fingers look slightly better! Sorry! I know they look terrible :/

For my ring finger I used Essence's 'Meet Me Now' and Revlon's 'Fall Mood' for the tip. I really like how this turned out. Huh? How is this related to rainbows? Well you know how people always say if you go to the end of a rainbow you will find a pot of gold? Well..... the golden bronze tip is suppose to represent that pot of gold and the pink? Well all rainbows have pink in them right? Hahaha yeah I know.... bit out there :)

Finally for my index finger I used a limited edition polish by Face of Australia called 'Lets Go Scuba Diving'. I love this polish and there will be a post about it very soon. BTW - if you are in Oz and still want any of the Barbados polishes I would suggest getting to the shops ASAP. The shelves are quite empty and not a lot of these polishes are around anymore :(I also used the white nail art pen to do some polka dots. Not sure how this relates to rainbows but I really wanted to try out my new pen!

So those are my rainbow nails. What do you think of them?

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