Saturday, 4 August 2012

31 Day Challenge Day Four

Today is day four of the challenge and the theme was 'green'. 
Green isn't my favourite colour but I am definitely a big fan of green. There are so many different types of green out there and it's really quite a nice colour :) This year I have been really into teal and khaki green (I don't know if that's what you call it but it kind of reminds me of the military). I am hopeless with naming colours! 


Anyway, back to polish. I have a few green polishes but because of events I had planned for the days on which I would be wearing green nails, I decided to go for a sophisticated green-teal polish by essence called  'in style'. It is a beautiful teal colour with lots of pretty shimmer in it. My photos show it as a bit darker than it really is because the sun refused to come out while I was taking photos and ofcourse, it depends on how many coats you put on. In some lights I am convinced that it is a teal colour and then in other lights it looks darker! 

I really love this polish for the colour and the shimmer however the formula is not as good as I wanted it to be and you need patience when applying this polish. Although, it is pretty good at hiding brushstrokes and it is only around $2.50 from Target. I think I have already reviewed this polish on my blog so I am not going to go into any more detail. Don't want to sound like a broken record!

Have a lovely weekend :)

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