Saturday, 4 August 2012

31 day challenge day 3

Today the theme for the 31 day challenge was yellow.
I am going to be honest and say straight up that yellow polish is not, and never has been, my thing. In fact, I only have one polish which is probably more than 5 years old! And I have only worn it once because it is horrible. It's too thin, you need a million coats of it and its yellow.
Anyway, my idea was to do a shatter top-coat over the yellow but it didn't work out. I didn't do enough coats of the yellow polish so it just ended up looking like my nails were infected :(
Here are the photos.

Please check out the other lovely bloggers doing this challenge. I have, and I must say congratulations to all of you! Your yellow nails look really good :)

Sally Morgan
 Nikki Muldrew
 Kimberly Rybak
 Felicia Renee Banuelos
 Belén Cortés
 Cristina Santos
Courtney Mendoza
 Natalie Elise
Rebecca Russell
Jessica Beswick
 Raquel Soares
 Kimberly L

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