Saturday, 25 August 2012

31 day challenge - galaxy nails day 19

Galaxy Nails. You are probably expecting me to shudder and run away because I’m not a “nail art” person (yet….) and I’m not known for amazing idea but I actually don’t mind galaxy nails! Surprised???

This is only my second time of galaxy nails so I don’t have a pre-determined routine yet for galaxy nails but I really loved my first attempt {click here to see it} so I was excited for today’s theme! This time I decided to use a purple base for my galaxy nails.

The polishes I used for this manicure are:
Essence – Where is the party?
Revlon – Fierce
Revlon – Bold Sangria
BYS – Crystal Daze
Chi Chi - matte top coat

No matte top-coat
No matte top-coat

No matte top-coat

No matte top-coat

Not sure why but I always love my galaxy nails more with a matte top coat!




So people following the 31 day challenge will know that galaxy nails is the theme for day 19....and today is day 25. Yes I know I am horribly behind. My stupid nails broke so I cut them all down and decided to re-grow them with TLC. Today I put nail polish on for the first time in two weeks!!!! SHOCK HORROR but then, this evening, one of my nicest nails split so now that it short again and I have a weird split nail I think I am going to have to stop wearing nail polish again and give my nails more TLC :( so sad!

Hope you have a fantastic Saturday!!!!

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