Thursday, 23 August 2012

Product vs. Product: Revlon Lip Butter vs. Essence Lip Stick

It's Thursday again and that means another battle between two products!

Revlon's Lip Butter in Pink Truffle Vs. Essence's Lip Stick in Glamour Queen.

If you have any products you want to see in a battle next week please feel free to let me know via commenting below :) Cheers

First up, we have the cheap and not-so-famous Essence Lip Stick! (I say not-so-famous because everybody seems to be talking about the lip butters by Revlon).

  • Applied the lipstick at 1:40pm without applying any balm under or over it. 
  • Colour is very pigmented, feel creamy and moisturising. 
  • After 45 minutes it has began to wear-off, despite me not doing anything, just typing on the computer. I don't mind that it wears off.....because it fades of equally BUT it leaves behind a layer of tiny silver glitter/shine/whatever you call it. This is very annoying. Another thing to note is that, even though it fades quite quickly, it doesn't dry your lips out. 
  • Whilst packaging may not be the most important aspect of lipstick....I still like to have my opinion! Thus, I would like to say that I really like the external packaging. It is simple but appealing, with a nice 'e' embossed on the lip and the packaging colour representing the lipstick colour it is easy to find what you are looking for. You can also see the lipstick colour through the cool "window" or strip of plastic in the centre of the tube. However, once you open the lid it begins to look and feel like a cheap product.....

Now onto Revlon's Lip Butter in Pink Truffle:
  • Applied at 7:20 in the evening after eating dinner. I applied it thickly. 2 hours later the colour had faded but there was still a 'thick' kind of feeling on my lips which was strangely moisturising.
  • Appearance wise, after application it is a glossy and pigmented shade.
  • I think the packaging is nice but for a lipstick that is not cheap I find it very annoying that after using the lipstick for a couple of days you get lipstick smudged down the tube, as you can see in the photos below!
  • The Revlon website states that the product is a"buttery balm with beautiful shiny colour to give you baby soft, healthy glowing lips".  I don't have much experience with lipsticks and have only recently started wearing them so I am unsure about the 'balm' but but it does definitely give you lovely shiny lips and your lips do feel very soft and moisturised when wearing the product. 
  • When wearing this product your lips looks really lovely. The colours I have {Pink Truffle and Peach Parfait} are not bold ergo I get a natural looking lip with these that I really love and will often reach for these. 
Summary: The Essence lipstick is very cheap and therefore you don't get an amazing product but for the price you still get a very wearable product. The product feels quite creamy on and doesn't last that long but it does fade evenly so that is a plus. With the colour I wore for this review {Glamour Queen} I found that after the colour faded it left behind a layer of yucky silver shimmer. 
The Revlon Lip Butter is a relatively new product which everybody seems to have reviewed in the "blogging world". I find the lip butters to be quite reliable and consistently of a good quality. They don't last forever but their lasting power is impressive and they really do give your lips a great colour as well as feeling moisturising. 

Winner: Revlon Lip Butter {Pink Truffle}

Left swatch: essence Right Swatch: Revlon

This photo shows the super cool "window" at the top of the tube!


  1. Hi I am sort of over paying for higher price cosmetics as sooner or later they get reduced into clearance. I prefer Essence as it is cheap and is pretty for the colour, for day wear. Thanks for commenting on my blog. Katey.

    1. Essence is great! Especially the nail polish, $2.55 for nail polish is a fantastic price and the quality is pretty good too :)


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