Sunday, 26 August 2012

Essence - peel off base coat review

Ever since I found out essence had included a peel off base coat in their 'Ready for Boarding' limited edition series I wanted it. I have been popping into every Target I came across in my travels and finally found the Ready for Boarding series. I actually got two bottles of this because at $3.50 it's cheap and I have not heard of any other brand selling a product like this!

This is going to be a pretty quick review and sadly text-heavy, fingers crossed I don't make you fall asleep!

The peel of base coat by essence goes onto your nails as a semi-sheer white colour. Once dried I applied 2 coats of an essence polish and a glitter by ulta3 After wearing the polish for around 2 hours I decided to peel the polish off. I know I didn't wear it for long but I really wanted to get this post done before the end of the weekend :)

I was sceptical about this product but found it very easy to use. With a nail you simply scrape at the polish a tiny bit which causes it to lift and then you can peel off the polish in one big movement {slowly}.

Overall I am very happy with this product, it works great and is an amazing price! I kind of want another bottle :)

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