Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Product Review: Lip Scrub by Lush

For people who read my blog regularly, this will be old news. But I have recently been trying out different lip balms because now that it is well and truly winter my lips have been dry. I have been alternating between Yes To Carrots, Nivea Lip Care and Lush's Ultrabalm. And I have to say that I have generally been disappointed. This got me thinking, maybe it was time for me to use my 'lip scrub' again!

So yes, that is what this review is actually going to focus on!!!! Hahaha, sorry for my ramblings :)

What does the product claim to do?
According to the website the lip scrub keeps your lips moist and exfoliates your lips. 
What does the product actually do?
I am happy to report that this lip scrub does exfoliate your lips and it doesn't 'dry' your lips out but I always end up putting balm on my lips afterwards anyway so not sure if it is super moisturising. 
How to use this product?
This product is really easy to use. You just put some of the sugar onto your finger and rub it across your lips. I do a bit of a circular motion as well as going side-to-side but there is no special technique required. I use it once a week and I get instant results which is fantastic!
Would I recommend this product to you?
Yes!!! I really love this product because lips are something you cannot hide so they have to look good. Also, I find this lip scrub very useful in that some lipsticks often sink into the cracks in your lips and look terrible on dry lips. This totally prevents this from happening which is awesome! I have also generally found that by using this product my lips feel better when using lip balms, it makes lip balms work better, which is great since it is winter.....

An amazing product made in Australia that is a super easy and quick way to exfoliate your lips and get rid of all that yucky dead skin! Within 1 minute your lips will feel brand new again. A product that truly does what it says on the label (which is something quite rare!) and won't hurt your bank balance either. A definite favourite of mine.

Hope this review was useful!

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