Friday, 17 August 2012

Product vs. Product #1 - Lip balm sticks

Every thursday I am going to do a product vs. product post. A battle between two favourites and after reviewing them both extensively there will be winner.
For this post it is:
  • Nivea Pure&Natural Lip care - Milk and Honey
  • Yes to carrots - Melon Lip Butter
So essentially, for me, it is my old favourite (the nivea) versus a newie (the yes to carrot lip butter stick I just brought because I am trying to limit my exposure to chemicals and toxins). 

I have worn the Nivea lip care sticks for years and years and have re-purchased them frequently. So I guess you can say that I am true loyal customer :) I love them because they moisterise, they are clear, they have nice subtle scents that are not overpowering and they are cheap. I have reviewed them before so I'm not going to blabber on about them too much. 

My experience of wearing the Nivea:
      • Applied quite a lot of product on my lips. Instantly felt protected and creamy. Product sits on top of the lips a little but also noticeable absorbs into the skin.
      • There is no overpowering scent and it applies clear onto my lips. The lack of scent may be because the stick of product has been used for nearly a year and I use the product heaps so maybe I don't smell it anymore???
      • After 55 minutes of wearing them (during which time I was working my computer and not eating/drinking) I could still feel the product on my lips and my lips felt smooth and moist. However most of the product had absorbed in. 
      • After an hour I ate my lunch (buttered bread roll) and my lips no longer felt smooth and moist.
My experience of wearing Yes to Carots:

      • Applied a moderate amount of product on my lips. 
      • Has a very subtle shimmer to it.
      • After a 2 hour long lecture my lip could still faintly feel the product on my lips.
      • Unlike the Nivea this lip product does have a noticeable scent to it however after a while of wearing the product it does disappear so it shouldn't be an issue for most people. However as this is the first day I am wearing this product the scent may just be more noticeable to  me since it's a new stick of product and I haven't smelt it before.
      • Packaging is very good. A sturdy plastic tube with a lid that clicks on tightly. 

  • At the one hour mark the products are equal in their lasting power. However from my experiment yesterday where I wore both, I found that the Yes To lasts longer overall.
  • The Nivea is more creamy and the Yes To is more of a jelly? I'm not sure if these are the right words but when I put the Yes To on it kind of reminds me vasoline? 
  • Yes to was $5.99 at Priceline and The Nivea is $4.49 at Priceline so price-wise they are pretty much the same. However at Target they often have a 3 packet of nivea balms that is equal to buying 3 and getting one free. 
  • Because Yes To is a new product for me I am unable to say if I would buy it again because even though I love it now maybe in a month I will have found a flaw. But, nonetheless, I am extremely happy with it and apart from the smell, I think it is equal, or perhaps, even better than the nivea! I may just have found myself a new favourite!

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