Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Three Nail Challenge - Favourite Song

For this manicure, the dilemma wasn't which polish to use but what song to use as inspiration. I am a very indecisive person and hate having to decide favourites. When thinking about my favourite songs, the songs going through my mind were:
  • Nickelback - photograph, animals, this afternoon, how you remind me, far away, savin me, rockstar, someday. lullaby, bottoms up, trying not to love you, don't ever let it end (in no particular order)
  • Adele - someone like you, one and only and set fire to rain
  • Darren Hayes - Roses 
  • Savage Garden - truly madly deeply, affirmation, 
  • Daughtry - no surprise
And the list goes on...............................................................................................

So I was going to use essence's 'blue addicted' and be inspired by nickelback but the sun was shining so I decided to go for Adele's 'set fire to rain' and use my 'fantasy fire' polish my Max Factor. 

After reading reviews of fantasy fire and knowing that it was going to be a very sheer polish I decided to layer it over Max Factor's 'purple haze'. 

I'm not going to review 'purple haze' in this post but please note that all photos are fantasy fire layered over two coats of purple haze. 

Fantasy Fire is a gorgeous micro shimmer polish . multichrome shimmer with red, purple, gold, blue and green tones. However, the most prominent tones of the polish are the purple, blue, red and golden tones. Okay okay I know this description is lacking precision but it is an amazing polish and in different lights you go 'oh look at that, another colour!!!' 

Why did I pick fantasy fire for this song? Well for one the song is pretty passionate and firey, as is the polish. 

The blue and green tones are visible when it is darker and refused to show themselves in my photographs :(


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