Saturday, 15 September 2012

Three Nail Challenge - Futuristic

Theme #3 of the three nail challenge is futuristic.

I immediately thought of spaceships, UFO's and the playstation game 'Airblade'. 

I decided to go with the spaceship idea....and it provided me with a great excuse to use one of the polishes I just brought :) Rimmel's 'Grey Matter'. I will review the actual polish later but the colour is beautiful! I have wanted a grey polish for a long long long time......and now I have one, yay!!!

So I was thinking that because spaceships are shiny and new and futuristic......and all that that silver shatter would look cool on top of it......but it didn't quite work out so I just left it as an accent nail. 

This is the failed shatter nail. I thought the contrast might have been different but sadly I was wrong. I t was the first time I had used the shatter polish and in the bottle it looked darker. It WAS pretty but not bold enough to warrant doing all my nails.

From a distance the shatter effect disapoints. But the grey looks lovely!

This is my right hand, you probably don't see much of it and as you can see I have a cracked nail that was emphasised by this polish :( but I think this polish shows you the colour and finish of the polish quite nicely.

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