Friday, 7 September 2012

Thursday's Product v. Product

Another Thursday, another product vs. product post :)
I decided to review the limited edition Face of Australia sheer gloss lip gloss crayons and put them in battle against Korres Cherry lip gloss in 'nude #33'

I saw a great review about lip gloss crayons here from 'Australian Beauty'. I told myself that I didn't need the lip crayons but I saw the ModelsPrefer gloss crayon and hesitantly put it back onto the shelf and then a week later.....I came home with the Face of Australia crayons even though the only colour I liked in the set of 3 was 'Sundae'. The tipping point was the fact that you don't need to sharpen them :)

I would also like to note that my Face of Australia crayons are brand new and my Korres lip gloss is over three years old so I cannot say for sure that the age of the Korres gloss has not impacted on it negatively. 

Face of Australia Sheer Gloss Lip Crayons

First impression was WOW!!!! On application these instantly feel moisturising and very creamy - not sticky at all. There is a slightly sweet yummy scent however it is very subtle so nothing to worry about if you are a scent-hater! Additionally, it is very easy to apply these, if need be you could apply these without a mirror and not worry too much. Good for on the run!

The pigmentation of these glosses are impressive and malleable - a little with give you a slight tint and if you want more pigmentation just apply more....

Lasting power of these are also very good, especially considering they are gloss. I applied these at 11:50am. By 12:40pm pigmentation was only just beginning to fade (but the colour was still visible). I personally think this is fine and the fact that they fade evenly is good too. After eating lunch and having a drink the gloss had totally faded by 1:20pm.

Summary: Moisturising gloss crayons that are retractable and come in a set of 3. Feel very soft and amazing on your lips.

The colours are:

Sundae - A scrumptious beige. My favourite and the only reason I brought these!
Macaron - A lovely red. Not too 'red' though. I didn't think I would ever wear this but I actually really like the red-tinge it gives me lips.
Cupcake - reminds me of Barbie.

Retails for $14.95 however are limited edition so if you want them I would advise getting to the shops pretty quick!

Lasting power of these are good for a gloss and they feel amazing on the lips. I want to emphasise that they are not sticky.

Overall score: 10/10

Now onto the Korres gloss. I want to state first that this gloss of mine is over 3 years old and I haven't worn this for a very long time so I am unsure if the age of this gloss has affected it in anyway. 
Pigmentation for this is great for a gloss and on the lips it looks really glossy :) I use to wear this over lipstick. Lasting power is ok however the sticking point (hahaha) is that the gloss feels a little sticky. However, I can't remember it being sticky so either my gloss has aged or I am now more aware of these things being a beauty blogger and all....Also, they may have altered the formula since I got this over 3 years ago. 

The colour of this gloss is absolutely amazing and if you apply it thickly it can look quite pigmented. I give the colour of this gloss 10/10!!!!
It retails for $29.95 at Kit Cosmetics
Summary: A gloss that gives you lovely colour and feels thick and creamy on application. Great over lipstick and available from Kit Cosetics for $29.95

Overall score: 7.5/10
So who is the winner / what would I re-purchase? To me the true sign of a great product is whether you would re-purchase it. Taking into consideration all factors including cost, quality and versatility and personal opinion I would definitely buy the lip crayons again (however would prefer it if they sold 'Sundae' separately) as they are good value for money (cheaper than one Revlon Lip Butter) and 'Sundae' is not too bold so I can wear it a lot. I really wish these were not limited edition because I will be so sad when my 'Sundae' crayon runs out. I am considering buying another packet but that would BE crazy because I'm not head over heels in love with the other colours (don't get me wrong they are great colours but I LOVE LOVE LOVE Sundae). Also, my opinion might be a little biased because I have only owned these crayons for less than a week! Fingers crossed they last well and the retractable-aspect of them works well. Otherwise I will have been excited for nothing. On the other hand, I would consider buying the Korres gloss again if my budget wasn't so tight and I could try a tester to make sure they are not super sticky. Perhaps as a Christmas pressie to myself if I use some all of the old glosses I have laying around (including the Korres one reviewed in this post). 
The winner is the Face of Australia Sheer Gloss Lip Crayons


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