Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Three Nail Challenge - Smooth

For the theme 'smooth' I wanted to do something with curves and because the sun was shining I decided to go with glitter. I thought with the sun shinning and all I would get some pretty glitter photographs but for some unknown reason my camera refused to show the true glittery and shimmery nature of this manicure.

I used Sally Hansen's Pedal to the metal and Glitz Gal.

My cuticles are a mess so I'm not going to torture you with too many photos;

I first did 2-3 coats of Pedal To The Metal and then using French manicure tip guides (made by essence and retail for around $1.95) I created the glitter curves. The idea seemed better when it was in my head but I think next time, rather than have 3 nails with all different sized curves I will have the middle nail completely glitter as an accent nail. 

I love the combination of these two polishes and whilst I don't love this manicure I still think it looks quite nice. And in real-life it is super sparkly :) which I love!

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  1. So pretty :) I love the design :)
    My camera is a bit strange sometimes too when it comes to catching the true intensity of the glitter :)

  2. Nice combination and it looks really lovely :)

  3. Nice effect, thanks for viewing my blog recently. My nails did not enjoy being subjected to the torture of wearing fake nails. It is good you are still doing these challenges. Thanks.

  4. lovely manicure, that sally hansen polish looks really great :D
    i know how the cuticles can drive man crazy, fingers crossed, hope you'll get them in shape <3


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