Thursday, 27 September 2012

Product vs Product - BYS Mega Shine Lip Gloss / Rimmel London Royal Gloss

Another week has gone by - wow!!!! Time is really flying at the moment.
I decided to do a lipgloss battle this week for my product vs. product post. Lipgloss is always floating around, on my desk, by my bed and I usually have 3 or 4 in my handbag......I don't wear them all but they just accumulate!

The two lipglosses I will be reviewing are:

  • BYS Mega Shine LipGloss in Strawberry 
  • Rimmel London Royal Gloss in 701 Cookie

The BYS gloss retails for $4.95 and I think the Royal Gloss was recently discontinued :( as I saw it in a sale bin for around $4 but originally it was probably around $10. If I knew that it had been discontinued I obviously would not have included it in this review but oh well. 

Both glosses come in a tube and are marketed with a scent, are quite sheer and basic glosses useful for layering over lipstick if you like doing that. 

The BYS gloss is quite thick and a little sticky but not unbearable, the stickiness becomes more apparent after wearing it for awhile. It lasts for around an hour (no drinking or eating) and gives your lips a very sheer, shiny appearance. The scent is of strawberries and is quite strong, even after applying it onto your lips however after around 20 mins I found that the scent faded away. As I said, it is a little sticky but I wouldn't say it is too sticky. 

 Overall score: 6/10 because it is an okay product and does what it's suppose to do but nothing more.

The Rimmel gloss has a lovely scent of cookies and smells delicious. It is a subtle scent that is not as strong as the BYS gloss and does not last very long once applied. The gloss applies very smoothly and as advertised, this gloss is definitely not sticky! It lasts for a little over a hour and gives your lips a subtle glossy/shimmery look. I love this gloss and often wear it on it's own but I'm guessing you could whack it over some lipstick too.

Overall score: 9/10 because it smells great, moisturises your lips and is a great formula.

The winner of this battle is the Rimmel Gloss however it should be noted that the BYS gloss is a great, cheaper alternative. Perhaps useful for a kris kringle gift (Mum told me this week that it is 3 months until Christmas-yikes!!!!) or a birthday gift for a teenage lip gloss junkie :)

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