Monday, 29 October 2012

Battle Nail Challenge ~ Update

The Battle Nail Challenge Update

Hi everybody, so if you don’t already know I am organising a nail challenge called ‘The Battle Nail Challenge’ and you can complete it entirely at your own pace. One manicure a week or fortnight or if you have more free time on your hands you could do more than one manicure a week. It’s up to you!!! For more details click here:
Anyway, the challenge is starting soon on the 1st of November. Below is a list of lovely bloggers who have already joined the challenge and you are more than welcome to join in J Just leave a link to your blog below in the comments.

Nail Polish Anon
Mateja Mateja
Simran Sekhon
Love My Nails
Zoe x

Thanks to everybody who has joined in, only two more days until the challenge begins, I’m super excited!!!


  1. So do I understand correctly - this is a 20 week challenge? I like the idea))

    1. I want to do it)))

    2. Yay!!!!! I'm so happy you have joined this challenge :)
      Technically it can be a 20 week challenge if you want but it can take you less or more time. You could do more than one "battle" per week if you wanted and within each "battle" you can do one manicure or more. I'm so sorry if this doesn't make sense.....

  2. Can't wait to see what you ladies come up with! :)

  3. Hello,

    I completely forgot to add the link of my blog last time. It would be awesome if you could add my blog's link below my name. Thank you.

  4. May I join in without my own blog?

  5. I'd love to enter! but I'm afraid it might be too late :(
    please, let me know if I can still enter!
    I'm the lady behind

    1. Hey Natalia!!! You can definitely still join in :)
      Its a pretty casual challenge, just take it at your own pace...
      Have a lovely day and thanks for visiting my blog :)

    2. Thanks citygirl907! I'm so excited to be taking part.


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