Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Date in the moonlight

With the new Essence polishes that were just released came a lovely navy shimmer called "date in the moonlight". This polish is a lovely navy colour with subtle blue shimmer. It is a great colour, sparkly and glossy :)

This polish which is part of the new Essence range consists of the new formula. I am really pleased with the new formula (thus far, anway). The formula wasn’t thick and wasn’t too thin, on a continuum I would probably say it is slightly leaning to towards the thin end. The formula was easy to work with and dried quickly.

With the new range also came with a new brush and bottle shape. The new bottles are larger. The old bottles were 5ml and cost $2.55, the new bottles cost $2.75 but you get 8ml. I love how the new bottles are the same colour as the polish they contain which makes them easy to find : )  The new brush is interesting to say the least…. I haven’t decided if I like it yet, it is quite wide and an unusual shape. I think I will have to use it a couple of times to decide.

Overall I really like this polish even though the shimmer wasn’t as prominent as I wanted it to be. It is a gorgeous navy polish, very versatile and dries quickly. It is best applied in two thin coats and I am definitely glad it is in my stash of polishes!!!


  1. Can't wait to check them out. Need to get down to Target or Priceline ASAP. That colour's lovely.

    1. Yep, you definitely do!!! My local Target doesn't have them yet but Priceline did :)

  2. It's a beautiful colour!
    I quite like the new brushes. And I love how the bottles are the same as the polish :D

  3. I so want this, these were not at target though, hope they get in soon as priceline is 2 hours away. Beautiful colour i love dark hues.


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