Sunday, 7 October 2012

Maybelline Eye Studio - Copper Chic: Product Review

Generally speaking, I am not an eyeshadow person. When I was a teenager and was first getting into make-up I use to whack on the eyeshadow like it was going out of fashion. Black shimmery eye shadow was my favourite....I guess it went with the whole 'emo-look' thing I had going on. I wasn't emo or gothic but I liked pretending. I guess when we are teenagers we don't want to be ourselves? Anyway, I haven't worn eyeshadow for a very long time but after starting this blog earlier this year and reading a heap of amazing blogs reviewing all kinds of make-up I decided I wanted to buy a new eye-shadow palette and toss out all of my old eyeshadows because they were all bad quality and horrible when I first brought them and now they are just a rainbow of powdered mess. Think purple,black, blue, pink...... 

So I set out to buy a new eye-shadow;  I read reviews on blogs and spent hours on Priceline's website. I decided to get Maybelline eye studio copper chic. It wasn't the cheapest but I figured since it was going to be the only eye-shadow in my arsenal of make-up that it was okay to spend a little. It was on sale too....... 

I have actually only worn it once, and I forgot to notice how it wore :( I know, epic blogger fail!!!! So this review will be based on application, quality and vague memories. Sorry, sorry, sorry. 

The palette contains 4 tones: a white-ish shade, a red-ish copper, a golden-copper and a darker brown. All are metallic and have good pigmentation. They are all neutral tones but look special and can be worn in multiple ways. I only wore the golden-copper tone as I am not skilled at eye-make-up but I'm sure you could do great things with these. Since this is my first eye-shadow review my photos don't properly show how pigmented the shades are and the pictures themselves are kind of bleh. Overall, I was impressed with how pigmented the eye-shadows were (all of the colours). The applicator thingy that comes with it works well and is a good size. They apply easily and wore well { I can't give you specifics because I was too busy having fun to notice my eyeshadow, hahaha } 

Overall score: 9/10 


  1. All very nice,wearable colors:)

  2. Yeah I have 2 of these quads they are great quality. I also like Chi Chi eyeshadow but they tend to be brighter/ darker colours than these. Thanks.


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