Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Orchid - Ulta3

I'm back!!!! Finished my exams today - phew. Fingers and toes are crossed that I get good marks, or at least pass all my units. Sorry for my absence..... but I'm back now. I hope my lame scheduled posts didn't deter you from my  blog too much....... I have some exciting things in the pipeline (I am starting a new blog that will combine a few of the other blogs I have, don't worry, this blog will not be effected in any way and I have lots of swatches and manicures coming up).

Anyway, before exams got really hectic I painted my nail's using Ulta3's 'orchid':

It is an amazing one-coater that is a rich purple and is a cross between a metallic and a shimmer. I kind of had difficulty deciding what it was! Lol.

For $2 this polish is amazing quality and well the price, is....amazing too. The formula is really good and very easy to work with, as I said it is a one-coater and isn't streaky. It applies evenly and dries very quickly.

To prolong it's wear I quickly applied fresh top-coat every couple of days. I recently got essence's gel-look top coat so I thought this would be a good opportunity to try it out. According to the bottle it gives you "XXXL shine" and that is true, when I applied it over 'orchid' it became very shiny and more shimmery. Application wise I found it to be a little fussy, I don't know whether it was just me and maybe my layers were too thick but I found that it dried rather slowly and was prone to smudges..... hence in some of the photos you might notice some smudges :(

Onto the topic of photos (and yes I know this post is picture and word heavy, I'm just happy to be back) I am rather disappointed with the photos, they are not as crisp as I was hoping they would and don't capture how beautiful the colour and finish of this polish is. So annoying!!!!

I hope you enjoy this post and thanks for reading my blog, I really appreciate it.

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