Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Three Nail Challenge - Wavy

The last theme for the 'three nail challenge' was 'wavy'. I instantly thought of waves at the beach and rough stormy seas. I'm thinking of a movie, I think it was called 'Perfect Storm'? 

Anyway I used my Konad plates and white konad polish for this (my stamping is getting better, yay!!!!) and the base coat is Revlon's 'Blue Slate'. 

This was a very easy stamping manicure to do and looks very effective! In regards to the theme, I like how the blue is kind of 'dirty' and obviously the white lines are suppose to represent the waves. Yeah I know, it's not very symbolic!

So this is the final post for the three nail challenge :( I really loved participating in this challenge, the themes were very unique and it was really fun to come up with new ideas for my nails!!!!! 

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  1. Thanks for participating! I love this mani, so simple but cute! :D


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