Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Dupe post - So Much Fawn and English Rose

Sally Hansen So Much Fawn (left) English Rose Essence (right)
My first dupe post! And it's between Sally Hansen's 'So Much Fawn' and Essence's 'English Rose'.  I brought both polishes for completely different reasons. 'So Much Fawn' because I wanted a coral creme and 'English Rose' because I wanted a dusty/murky rosy pink polish. But after wearing 'English Rose' last week bells started ringing in my brain and I begun to think that it was a possible dupe for 'So Much Fawn'. As Sally Hansen polishes can be over 6 times more expensive than Essence polishes I decided to compare the two. The sun is shinning today and it is a lovely warm day. Perfect for some swatching. Ok anyway I should stop babbling and tell you what's what.

I would describe 'So Much Fawn' as murky pink toned coral. It is a lovely shiny polish, requires only one coat and dries quickly and is non-streaky. On the other hand 'English Rose' is a tad murkier and more 'burnt' (?) and instead of being coral it is a dusty rosy pink. Ok well I am totally hopeless at describing polish colours and I'm not feeling very confident in my descriptions!!!!

Left: So Much fawn
Right: English Rose

English Rose
 Obviously 'So Much Fawn' is less pink (and more orange-y) than 'English Rose' and 'English Rose' is less crisp and a little darker than 'So Much Fawn' however they are extremely similar. I'm not super-fussy and would say these are dupes (and feel a little ashamed to have both) but if you are really into your oranges and pinks, there is a difference however slight it is. Would I own both of these polishes? If they were both expensive polishes I would say no but because the essence polish only costed $2.75 I'm not feeling too guilty.....well a little bit.....

I hope you enjoyed this post, please feel free to comment below and let me know what your thoughts are. Are these two polishes dupe or not?

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