Wednesday, 7 November 2012

The BATTLE Nail Polish - Battle One: Manicure two (stamping)

The first battle of the 'battle nail polish challenge' is blue vs. green. If you are interested in joining it isn't too late, you can take the challenge at whatever pace you like. For more details:

The first battle is Blue Vs. Green and I have decided for this battle to complete two manicures. You have already seen my first manicure/opponent, essence's blue addicted and this is the second manicure/opponent.

Recently I have really been into blue and green polishes....and teal polish which I guess is in-between blue and green.

Anyway, for this manicure I turned to my reliable and loved Revlon 'Emerald' Polish. Consistently easy to apply, quick to apply and only requires one coat!!!! I then decided to do some stamping using my blue Konad polish and favourite Konad plate.

Sadly, the stamping isn't very easy to see in real-life unless you are super close. But at least in photographs it looks awesome. Well at least I think so anyway! 

So now for me the first battle is complete: my 'blue addicted' manicure vs. this stamping manicure. Which one has won the 'battle'? Feel free to comment below and let me know...

Thanks for reading :)

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  1. In my opinion the green has won the battle! the colour you chose is gorgeous!

  2. Oh I think this one won the battle! Love the Konad blue, remind me what plate this is? Please can you add me to the list of other people taking part in this challenge. Annie Suzie on Pinterest: The Battle Nail Polish Challenge - board. Thanks :)

  3. I actually really like that this stamp looks so subtle, it gives the polish great depth! Love it!

  4. I love this mani, it looks really lovely!


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