Sunday, 4 November 2012

Max Factor - Purple Haze

A few months ago Max Factor's 'Fantasy Fire' and a lot of us bloggers scrambled to get our hands on it. Yeah it was sheer but it c'mon it was love in shimmer!!! Because it was so sheer I brought ‘Purple Haze’ also by Max Factor which I have swatches for you today.

‘Purple Haze’ is a lovely blue-based purple crème that is super shiny. It is a fun purple colour that, to me, is the stereotypical purple colour.

This polish comes in a mini bottle and thus it’s a mini brush.  I found it a little difficult to apply this polish initially but after trial-and-error I found the best way to manage the small brush and slightly-uncooperative formula was to apply it quite thickly. It required two coats but dried relatively quickly. I don’t like saying this because the colour of this polish is gorgeous but I found the formula a little difficult. It was tricky getting the right amount of polish on the brush and when I didn’t have enough polish on my brush for the first coat it ended up a little streaky. But luckily a thicker second coat helped hide imperfections.

Like a lot of purples, I am very sorry to say that my camera refuses to take a colour-accurate of this polish which is super annoying!!!!!! In the pictures this polish looks blue but it is PURPLE PURPLE PURPLE!!!!!!! Grrrr stupid camera.

This polish is a fantastic purple polish and the crème finish on this polish is spectacular. A brilliant polish for layering stuff over  (I’m thinking of fantasy fire) but can totally be worn on it’s own!

*Even though I really love this polish and recommend it if you don't already have a basic purple polish in your collection I personally wouldn't repurchase it. But not because it is a bad product. I really love how shiny and creamy this polish is!!!

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  1. I love this blue. Please can you add me to the other people's list. Should I email you my link? Thanks :)

    1. Hey Annie, I've added your link ( to the list. Hope this is the correct link. Sorry it took me so long to reply to you! Have a lovely day,


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