Monday, 19 November 2012

The Battle Nail Polish - Pink Vs. Purple Manicure Part Two

Okay so yesterday as part of the pink vs. purple battle I showed you some pink spring-time stamping I did. Since I am currently trying to make my nails healthier I am not and have not been wearing polish for the last two weeks :( and I must say my nails are definitely growing well and looking healthy already! Yay!!!!!! Anyway, that means that I did this on my lovely friend who volunteered her nails :) It was the first time I had stamped on another person so my skills still need improvement. I actually found it really difficult to paint and stamp another person's nails. I was pretty embarrassed as I am always talking about my nail polish blog and nail-art designs.

This is essence's 'where is the party' with gold stamp over the top. I love this combo!!!!
Sorry about the lack of clean-up, I ran out of nail polish remover. Had been planning to do some clean-up with remover and a Q-tip. 

I have one more purple manicure to show you for this battle between pink and purple and then it will be time to decide the winner. 

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  1. I agree - so difficult to do it on someone else!!! But I still love my "guinea pigs")) This is a very pretty combination!

  2. The stamping is so pretty! My choice is hadns down purple wins! (but I knew that before seeing the mani because I just love purple)


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