Wednesday, 21 November 2012

The Battle Nail Polish - Pink Vs. Purple Manicure Part Three

Okay so this is the final instalment of the pink vs. purple battle of the battle nail challenge. Same as the previous purple manicure I showed you a few days ago, this one was also done on my awesome friends' nails because mine are still growing! Haven't painted them for two weeks and they are already looking more healthy, yay!!!! Hopefully I can start wearing polish again!!!!!

Anyway, this is Revlon's Bold Sangria with OPI's silver shatter layered over the top. Seriously - I think this is the best shatter I think I have ever seen!!!!! It looks amazing :) I guess that is the bad thing with shatter polishes, they are always unique and sometimes you get good cracks and sometimes, not so good! Please ignore the lack of clean-up, ran out of nail polish remover :(

Amazing? I think so!

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