Sunday, 2 December 2012

Battle Nail Challenge - pretty manicure

Hi guys :) Hope you are all having a great weekend. Can't believe it is Sunday already! Went shopping yesterday and it really felt like Christmas. Shops were pretty hectic already, and I haven't started my shopping yet! Oh dear....

Anyway this post is for the battle nail challenge (click here if you to know more about it or want to join). The battle is pretty vs. punk and this manicure is for the pretty side of the battle and hopefully tomorrow I will have time to do a punk manicure, then you can decide which wins the battle :)

I wanted to try and do a proper jelly sandwich for this post as I have never done a proper full 10 fingered jelly sandwich before. The polishes I used were:

  • Sally Hansen's Razzle Dazzler (Gem Crush Series)
  • Ulta3's Confetti 
  • Revlon's Just Tinted in Mystical 
Mystical screamed out to me as the perfect polish for a jelly sandwich because it is kinda sheer (but super easy to work with and not too sheer that it drives you crazy) and the texture of the polish is kinda jelly-like. 

On my right hand I layered Confetti over Mystical and did that two times. So in total I had two layers of confetti and two layers of mystical. 

right hand

On my left hand I experimented. On my ring finger I used Mystical and Razzle Dazzler and confetti. It turned out awesome!!!! I am super pleased with this finger in particular because Razzle Dazzler gives the manicure a lot of depth when used with mystical and confetti has smaller glitters and you can see some green, red and blue glitters. On my left middle finger I only used confetti and mystical and then on my index finger and thumb I used Razzle Dazzler and mystical. These two polishes go together really nicely and I would highly recommend using them together even if you are not into statement nails because it is pretty subtle but with lots of awesomeness. 


Please check out the other bloggers participating in this challenge, cheers


  1. You're right the trio Mystical, Razzle Dazzler and confetti looks sooo pretty!

  2. Aw should have done something like this on my accent nail!


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