Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Essence - Gorgeous Bling Bling

I have a new essence polish to show you today - gorgeous bling bling. Gorgeous Bling Bling is a vivid burnt orange with some gold shimmer particles of different sizes. 

 Despite the gold particles being subtle I still like them because they give the polish depth and I think if I had 3 thicker coats (instead of 2 thin coats) and if I had added a top coat the photos and end result would have turned out even better! The shimmer effect is fantastic, especially under light / in the sunshine. What a shame the sun couldn't make an appearance when I swatched this! It was a pretty cloudy day.....

 The formula was good and drying time fantastic with this polish. The formula is quite thin but totally workable, two quick coats and it's all good :)

Overall I love this polish and the gold shimmer-y particles even though you can't see them properly in the photos. The polish is actually super similar to the bottle cap..... A great polish for all year round and definitely a polish I would re-purchase: over all score = 8/10
Cheers and thanks for reading this brief review of Gorgeous Bling Bling. 


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