Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Battle Nail Challenge - Geometric

Hi guys, hope everybody is well and enjoying the Christmas season! I haven't been posting much lately because I have been running around everywhere buying presents and organising things. Oh, and some silly person (err. me) decided to take some extra classes over the summer period! What was I thinking???? Instead of watching the cricket and painting my nails after and winding down after Christmas I will be pulling my hair out writing two assignments.

Anyway, I am finally in the spirit of the season and did this awesome manicure. Inspired by wrapping paper it is red, green and gold stripes done using sticky tape. Not very geometric I know but I really love this mani and wanted to share it :)

Polishes I used:

  • Essence - A Piece of Forever
  • Butter London - Pillar Box Red
  • Revlon - Emerald
 Thanks for reading and please feel free to comment or vote in the poll below, cheers.
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  1. That's a lovely manicure; well done. Suits to Christmas time; great combo.

    Lovely blog as well; following you on GFC. Follow back if you like to.
    Wish you a great Tuesday,

    My Bathroom Is My Castle – Beauty Blog

    1. Thanks :) I will check out your blog now!

  2. Love the mani, great colours together. :)


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