Friday, 21 December 2012

Prince Charming + Tokyo Pearl

Prince Charming.....don't we all want to find our guy? Well while I am still waiting I will review the 'Prince Charming' special effect topper from the Snow White Collection by Essence. In a clear base we have small silver holographic glitters and larger hexagon-shaped blue glitters.

I have been waiting and waiting for these special effect toppers and when I finally found the Snow White Collection they had all gone but luckily I kept persevering and found the display to be re-stocked. Yay!!!! 
Also, Sinful Colors have just arrived at my local Target (I'll tell you the story later but lets just say I was SUPER EXCITED)......and when I saw 'Tokyo Pearl' I instantly knew I had to do this manicure :) So I present to you Two coats of Tokyo Pearl by Sinful Colors and a coat of Prince Charming by Essence. 
This is what Tokyo Pearl looks like on it's own.
You don't get heaps of the larger blue glitters on your nail if you apply Prince Charming normally but I actually don't really care. How I applied this polish was to swipe my nail first which got all the awesome smaller holo glitters in place and then by wiping my brush on the edge of bottle I could locate the larger glitters and place them where I wanted them. This might sound tedious but it isn't!!! And trust me....I'm no glitter over-my-head lover. 

I wanted this manicure to look like it was "snowing" the larger blue glitters and overall I must say I am rather pleased with myself *big grin*. Please feel free to let me know what you think by commenting below and/or voting in the poll. Cheers and take care.

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  2. Great mani! And I love that poll at the end of the post, I adore polls :D


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