Wednesday, 9 January 2013

31 day challenge day #8 - Duochrome

Today we had the choice of duochrome, holo or flakie for the 31 day challenge. Today's not a particularly sunny day so I ruled out holo, and I actually don't have a flakie! I have been meaning to pick-up the Australis flakie but haven't go around to it. There are not really any other flakies on the market (that I'm aware of) so today I have a duochrome for you. This is my dear old friend by Essence called "Where Is The Party?" An amazing duochrome or should I say multichrome with flashes of olive green, teal and grey with a base of rich purple/mauve. Heavenly!

I took 128 photgraphs of this polish and doubt that any of them show the polish properly. I really hate photographing duochromes. Any suggestions? Also, I must apologise for the dents in my nails. Not quite sure how that happened :/

I really adore this polish and think it is one of the best duochromes out there!!!!!!! So pretty.......


Thanks for reading, cheers :)

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