Thursday, 3 January 2013

31 day challenge - day#3 gold

Day three of the new 31 day challenge has arrived and the theme is 'gold'. Gold is indulgent, elegant and is a very royal colour to me. Whiz, bang *light-bulb moment* I decided to do a gold manicure fit for a queen and  I just had to include purple too :)

The polishes I used for this manicure:

  • Revlon's Bold Sangria 
  • Essence's Gold Fever
  • Essence's peel off base coat {works great for removing glitter} 
  • Essence's A Piece of Forever {middle finger stamping}
A quick side-note, all of these polishes are fantastic. Bold Sanngria is a rich purple and a one-coater (oh joy!) and I'm having a love affair with Gold Fever at the moment. 

In real-life this is a lot more sparkly and looks absolutely divine, very elegant. I'm loving the combo of purple + gold. 

It's going to a hot couple of days ahead, I think we will be lucky if it drops below 30 degrees for a few days and tonight it is suppose to stay around 23 degrees (Celsius). My silly (but very adorable dog) is grumpy with me at the moment because I won't let her go outside and lay in the sun. Personally, I would have thought the cool air-conditioned kitchen would have been a pleasurable place to be on a day like this! Lol!!! Oh and by the way I know 'blogger' is telling you that I posted this on the 2nd but here in Australia it is already the 3rd....I'm definitely not an organised blogger. I only did this manicure an hour ago!

Thanks for reading and take care, 


  1. It's summer over there?! Oh im so jealous! It's supposed to be winter here, but it's like 9 degrees.
    Pretty manicure!

    1. hahaha I wish it wasn't so hot (its over 40 degrees celsius)...went outside to take photos of my nails for day #4 of the challenge but it was too sunny :)

  2. Purple and gold are stunning together! Very jealous of your weather too, I'm currently enjoying typical grey english weather! x

    1. thanks for visiting my blog :) I'll try and send some sun over to you telepathically!(is that even a word???)have a lovely day!

  3. If you want to cool off my home is open to you. it is supposed to be -28 Celsius bu the weekend up here in northern Canada ;)


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