Thursday, 7 February 2013

Siw by Make-Up Store

Oh my goodness.....this has been sitting in my "drafts" folder for over a month and I had actually forgotten I owned this polish :( I know what I'm wearing tomorrow on my nails!!! This is a seriously amazing holographic polish! Siw is a blue/silver holographic polish, and boy is it holographic!!!! If you are a holo lover, you NEED this! I only discovered this polish  by accident when I went shopping in the city. In the beauty department I wandered into the 'Make-Up Store' kiosk and found this polish.

Make-Up Store is a Swedish company with stores all over the world (to name a few: Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Singapore, Mexico, Canada, Indonesia, Czech Republic, Poland, Great Britain, Ireland, Germany, Malta and etc...) 

Their range of polish was pretty impressive. But to be honest once I saw this polish which, being HOLOGRAPHIC, totally distracted me from all of the other pretty colours! Oups, talk about being a bad blogger! 

Inside, artificial light
Anyway, back to the polish. This is a blue holographic polish with  a very strong linear holographic effect. In the sun it looks spectacular and inside (if you're not under a light) it looks like a subdued bluey-silver polish. Technically it is suppose to be worn with 'Aqua Fix' a special base-coat for this polish but I didn't want to buy the base-coat until I knew, for sure, if I needed it. I have experimented with this swatch with different base coats. From my ring finger to my thumb we have: Sally Hansen's base coat, no base-coat, essence's peel off base-coat and on my thumb, a white polish called 'Tokyo Pearl' by Sinful Colors.  It goes on a little patchy and wears off within 24 hours BUT that was without the special base-coat and no top-coat so I am hopeful that I can get this polish to last longer. So far I would say the white SC polish and Sally Hansen's base-coat is working the best.

I will do further tests but for now, I feel obliged to share the pretty photos with you!

Cheers and thanks for reading :-)


  1. Hopefully I can track that brand down in Australia... That looks epic!

  2. Thanks so much for contacting me on my blog! Luckily I live in Melbourne, and I am actually heading to Bourke st today to have lunch with friends! I will hunt this down. Thanks again, I really appreciate it!


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