Sunday, 10 February 2013

Soap and Glory Hand Food

Today I have a review of "Hand Food" for you! I brought this hand cream because I had read heaps of rave reviews of it......

So first up, packing and first impressions. The packing is pretty funky and very practical with a lid that flips up/down for quick application and the small version of this product (50ml) will easily fit in your handbag or desk drawer. First impressions included that the scent was pretty subtle (even though I swear I read people raving about the scent) but that's fine! It's a pretty subtle scent, quite delicate.....but nice all the same. it feels really nice upon application and sinks in well.

Second order of business is what does Soap and Glory claim this product will do for you?
The packaging, despite being quite boisterous doesn't claim to do everything under the sun and I like that!!! A little bit of honesty never hurt anybody. So the claims are that it will soften, smooth and soothe your hands.  I am happy to report it does all of that - yay! It softens and smooths your hands. It feels quite luxurious and has a lasting effect. It also claims that it's a non-greasy formula. I absolutely loathe greasy hand creams that take forever to sink in, Hand Food, however, gives a reasonable performance. It doesn't sink in 100% super quickly and you have a residue kind-of feeling for a little while however it's not the kind of feeling that prevents you from picking things up and doing stuff. I just lathered way too much Hand Food on two minutes ago and I'm not too worried about my keyboard....I think it might be this residue feeling that makes your hands feeling so soft and smooth.So all in all, pretty good.


  • Funky Packaging
  • Practical packaging, great for on-the-run!
  • Subtle scent
  • Does what it claims 


  • The one big negative for me is the ingredients list. I don't like using products with parabens and etc... and being overwhelmed by the many great reviews out there I didn't look at the ingredients list before purchasing. 
  • Price 
  • Not a heavy-duty hand cream (but works well everyday)

A pretty decent hand cream that feels luxurious however it isn't free from parabens and is a little pricey. Throw it in your handbag for on-the-run and it will sink in quick enough not to leave you useless.

Would I recommend this product? Yes.
Would I repurchase it? Probably, however I prefer products that are more organic.

Overall score: 7.5/10


  1. oh I love soap & glory, I did a post with a makeup look using their products. I've heard great things about this cream and it's on the "when I've the money I'll get it" list :) x

    1. it's great to throw in your handbag :) thanks for commenting!


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