Sunday, 3 March 2013

Funky French: Teal/Black

You have probably noticed that there has been an extreme lack of nail posts lately. That would be because all I seem to be doing is epic failures :( I just purchased some striping tape so I have been experimenting with that but with no luck, I still haven't been able to pull of a manicure with it that looks semi-decent. So, when I got a chip near the end of my nail with my NOTD I was exasperated. But then I had a lightbulb moment and thought FUNKY FRENCH!

The polishes I used were 'paradise valley' by MUD, a brand that I believe is exclusive to Woolworths and retails for $2. The black polish is my loyal 'Black Satin' by Ulta3.

So here I was totally thrilled with my manicure but then I took photos and my camera refused to take a single colour-accurate photo. I even snapped a few with my mobile phone camera that too refused to incorporated. So I would like to point out that this polish, 'paradise valley' is a stunningly vibrant teal.

Cheers and thanks for reading


  1. Pretty! I love the colored french mani because it is different and so fun!


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