Sunday, 10 March 2013

Project No Buy #1 Reflection

Okay so one week ago I started the 'Project No Buy'. To check out the original post explaining the rules of this project no buy click here.

Lets see how I did with my weekly goals!

Goal 1 was: complete the write-up and photograph two nail posts. 
How did I go? Despite changing my nail polish every day or two and taking photographs of my NOTD I somehow don't get them posted so I wanted to get at least two nail posts up. I am happy to say I achieved this weekly goals - yay!!! 
Click here to read the post where I used my flakie top coat with a layer of matte top coat over the top of it all! And I also wrote a  post using the new limited edition polish by essence called 'My Sparkling Acrobat' which is a seriously amazing polish. I'm impressed! I'll post it soon. 

2. Review Burt's Bee's cuticle cream and OmShe lipstick.
I finally got my review about OmShe's lipstick in 'Moon' written up this week. I started writing it awhile ago but wanted to wear the lipstick a couple more times before completing the review. Expect this to be posted on my  blog soon! 
And the Burt's Bees cuticle cream review? That didn't happen this week but stay tuned. 

3.Goal: Cut out the naughty food and stick to water and tea.  
How did I go? Okay so this is where things start to go down hill because I had quite a busy and social week so I found myself having a couple of meals out and I didn't pick the healthiest options. I also had, whilst out and about socialising, four glasses of soft drink which is A LOT I know!!!! I usually only drink water but my self-control went out the window this week. I did partially succeed with my health eating at home though.

According to the rules of the challenge I also get to award myself credit for good study marks. I received my exam grades this week and did pretty well (yay!!!!) so I gain $21 worth of credit. 

I also got two posts ahead of myself so that's another $4 credit. 

Total credit gained for this week? $26

Thanks for reading and I hope you have a great week!

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