Sunday, 17 March 2013

Project No Buy Week Two - Reflection

Another week has come and gone.....and I can't really say it was a fantastic week. I have been feeling a little under the weather and it was the first week of uni for the semester so you have all those boring introductory lectures to attend :( But enough complaining!!!!! I saw one of my best friends ever today and we watched 'Covert Affairs' season two together. I love that show!!! So that was definitely a plus.

Weekly goals:

1. I want to get back on track with my exercising and healthy eating. I injured my knee two weeks ago and have been unable to power walk, even walking around the shopping centre causes it to ache.....
As long as my knee cooperates I want to go on at least two power walks.
How did I go? Unfortunately because I was feeling under the weather and we had a heat wave for the majority of the week I didn't power walk. I know it sounds like I am making excuses but when it's stinking hot and you feel yuck you don't really want to power walk. I did take the dog for a walk though :)

2. I want to get two nail posts up this week so that is goal number two.
How did I go? Yay!!! I actually achieved this goal.

3. I want to write reviews on Burt's Bee cuticle cream and Nivea pure and natural hand cream.
How did I go?  Bad me!!!  I didn't get either review written, I must must must get these done! GAH

4. Uni has started again so I need to make sure I complete all notes and lectures for this week of content.
How did I go? Okay I guess all things considered. I have started my summary notes and they should be finished by the end of tomorrow. I attended all my classes so I guess this goal was 50% completed.

So the total amount of credit gained for this week was $4.50 and last week I had a total credit of $26 however this week I spent $23 on nail polish and a new lip balm I totally didn't need. Therefore I have a total of $7.50 remaining. 

Week Three Goals

1. All lectures and notes for last week and this coming week need to be completed.
2. I want to write up a minimum of three nail posts this week.
3. I want to review a minimum of two products this week. Fingers crossed I can get more than two done though!
4. I know this is terrible but I don't eat enough fruit so I want to eat three pieces of fruit this week and I want to go on at two walks this week.

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