Monday, 18 March 2013

Sinful Colors Nirvana (matte)

Hi guys! Hope today is treating you well :) Today I have completely fallen in love with a beautiful polish ,so without further ado, I present to you 'Sinful Colors Nirvana (matte). First up I should point out this polish is not  matte. I have no clear why the label says 'matte' but whatever. I'm actually glad it isn't matte because I literally just saw this on the shelf and fell in love with it thinking it would be a shiny creme. Didn't bother reading the label!

Nirvana is a gorgeous, stunning, amazing..... medium brown shade that has a shiny creme finish and applies like a dream. It felt like I was applying melted milk chocolate onto my nails - the formula was great and easy to apply. It looks incredibly smooth and it makes me want to munch on a chocolate bar - yummy! It was leaning towards the thin end of the continuum however didn't run everywhere. I used two coats but it was nearly  a one-coater.

I see myself wearing this a lot this coming autumn and winter! I love nude nails and brown nails. They're simple but elegant and always look great. Can you tell I am totally in love with this polish???

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Thanks for reading :)


  1. I just saw the matt's today. I havent tried them yet but thats a great color.

    1. Keep your eye out - this is a stunner! Even though it isn't matte....

  2. I love this color! It's like Chanel's 505 Particuliere :) I got it the moment it came out!

    xx, Sam

    1. I haven't seen the chanel polish but I agree - I love this colour too :) It felt like I was painting my nails with melted milk chocolate!!!

  3. I can't find anything like that =/
    I'd love to wear a similar nail polish ^_^

    A loser like me


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