Sunday, 7 April 2013

Project No Buy Week 5 Reflection / Week 6 Goals

Wow I can't believe I have been doing this for five weeks now, where does time go?

My goals for week six!

1. Complete my literature review before Sunday, submit my journal assessment by Thursday and begin my neuroscience assignment. 

2. Aim to go on four power walks and eat healthy! 

3. It's a busy week for assessments so I will try to do a minimum of one nail post and one "other" post and obviously keep up to date with the girly girl challenge! 

4. Complete one manicure for the battle nail challenge.

Now lets find out how I went with this week's goals!

1.  Complete summary notes for topics 1 & 2 and at least started topic 3 for all of my classes.
How did I go?  Not quite completed.... ):

2. Begin my literature review.......oh joy :/ 
How did I go? There is a nice big red tick next to this, I have begun working on my literature review and already have put quite a few hours in on it. Unfortunately I think I have left it all a bit late. I like to complete assignments a week before their due date but don't see that happening this trimester as I have 4 assignments due this month and I have been lazy :s Oh well, at least I have started finally falling into good study habits. It always takes me forever to get into a routine! GAH

3. Don't neglect this blog like I did last week :s Aim to post at least two nail posts. 
How did I go? Okay so obviously this blog isn't the most important thing in my life (sorry blog don't want to hurt your feelings but I need to focus on my study) but hopefully it's not neglected! I did post a review this week and two nail posts so I think I'm doing alright. What do you think? Do I need to post more, am I putting you to sleep?

4. Review my Burt's Bees Cuticle Cream. 
How did I go? Another tick :) yay!!!! I have written this review all up but unfortunately had to take new photos so the product photos will be all mashed up :( I could swear I took photos of it when I first brought it but can't find them....and my folders are relatively neat too???

5. Catch-up on my e-mails and keep up to date with the Girly Girl Challenge.
How did I go? There is a tick next to "keeping up to date with the girly girl challenge" however I still need to reply to handful of e-mails. 

And now the good stuff.... the credit!!! For each goal reached I reward myself with $4 so that means I get $14 this week :) That takes my overall credit balance to $-30.50 and despite hauling some beauty related stuff this week it was all within the guidelines of this no buy (click here to read the rules) as it was things I either did not have or had ran out of (deo, cotton pads, eye make up remover, mascara and organic eye shadow). You might be wondering about the organic eye shadow but it's true! I have been looking for a good eye shadow that is "safe" for my eyes and fingers crossed I have found a good one. 

Oh gosh this is going to be a busy couple of weeks! Time to begin the juggling act.....
Thanks for reading and I hope you all have a fantastic week :)

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