Sunday, 14 April 2013

Project No Buy: Week 6 Reflection & Week 7 Goals

Lets see how I went on this week's goals!

1. Complete my literature review before Sunday, submit my journal assessment by Thursday and begin my neuroscience assignment.
An amazing thing happened! They gave us a whole extra to complete our literature review which is amazing. In three years of studying at university they have never admitted that they had not given us enough time to complete a major assignment - phew! I am still researching but will be very happy if it's finished by Wednesday! This is quite a difficult task :( Consequently I haven't started my neuroscience assignment because I am still 100% focused on my literature review.  

2. Aim to go on four power walks and eat healthy! 
I would have gone on four walks but it rained all day today so I have only managed three power walks. The healthy eating was going well in the beginning of the week but this weekend I have been very naughty.  It was my brothers birthday so the weekend has involved a lot of eating! 

3. It's a busy week for assessments so I will try to do a minimum of one nail post and one "other" post and obviously keep up to date with the girly girl challenge! 
 I completed my manicure for the girly girl challenge, posted by review on Burt's Bees cuticle cream and posted two nail posts so I didn't do too badly. 4. Complete one manicure for the battle nail challenge.
Completed :) 

I also used up all of my energizing orange baby lips (+$1.00) so I am very happy I have finally got an "empty"!!!! 

In terms of purchases, I spent $6.50 on two eyeshadows by essence and $9.95 on a make-up brush (however I count this as an essential purchase because I didn't have a brush for the face. Only an eye-shadow brush). I also award myself "credit" when I receive good marks and I am happy to say I got 90% for a class presentation I made the other day so yippee! Therefore from last week my balance was: $-30.50 and I gained $24.00 so my balance is $-6.50. Still in the negative but improving. This week I am aiming to spend $0 on make-up however this is a limited edition collection of polish being released from Face of Australia so if I see those polishes anywhere I will be grabbing them because they always sell out super quickly AND there are some very unique polishes in the collection so fingers crossed I can get them :) hahaha I'm not addicted.....much! 

Now onto my goals for this week (week 7)
1. Complete my literature review by Friday and begin my neuroscience assignment. 
2. Eat super healthily. 
3. Keep up to date with the girly girl challenge and do a manicure for the battle challenge. 
4. Review a Rimmel lippy. 
5. Go for two walks minimum this week. 

Now, I have also changes the rules regarding the credit for this project no buy because the original rules  were designed for only making three goals a week however recently I have been making more goals! I have also looked at my budget again and want to reign it in a little! I created this graphic so I can easily paste it into all my project no buy posts so that it is easier for you to understand where the credit comes from rather than having to refer to the original post (click here to read it). 

Thanks for reading and have a fantastic week! 


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    1. Thanks :) It's kind of embarrassing though because I have no self-control and always end up buying stuff :s


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