Monday, 15 April 2013

I've killed my first baby lips.......impressions and reflections

I've killed by first baby lips balm in 'energizing orange' - yay!!!!!! When these were released last winter here in Australia and people were raving about them all over the blogosphere internationally the beauty blogger in me couldn't resist - I had to try them! And for $3.99 there wasn't much to lose. Since then I have been using this one-and-off to moisturise and care for my lips which always seem to be dry and chapped. I reapply my lip balm throughout the day and it doesn't matter where I am, I just hate the feeling of dry lips. Sometimes I think I make this worst because as soon as the 'balmy' feeling wears off I don't like how my lips feel.

Anyway, time to stop rambling and tell you my reflections of this balm. I think I did a review of it a couple of months ago but I guess once a product has been used up you have  a very accurate impression of it.

I love how the Baby Lips balm feels on my lips, very lightweight and creamy. The scent isn't really anything to talk about because it is extremely subtle, not that that is a bad thing or anything. The packaging is your traditional lip balm tube with a lid on top. Not innovative but nice and colourful which is great when you are digging through your handbag to find it and not once has the lid ever fallen off, so that is obviously a good thing. Continual use of this product does result in smoother lips however in the short-term, once the 'balmy' feeling has worn off I sometimes feel like the condition of my lips hasn't improved. Maybe I'm asking for too much?  Lasting power is about average for a lip balm. The 'balmy' stays around for around an hour which I find is pretty normal.

Would I repurchase this product? As a hoarder of lip balm I'm not rushing out to buy another because I have a lot of un-opened lip balms in my stash and I also have an opened tinted baby lips although I don't like it as much as this original type. In the future do I see myself repurchasing? Yeah probably :)

What is your favourite lip balm? I love hearing your thoughts and all about your favourite products!


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