Saturday, 4 May 2013

Australis Eye Shadow Palette - BARGAIN ALERT!!!! $4.83

Hi Guys, first up, sorry to all those international readers I know this really sucks to see a bargain in front of your very own eyes and not be able to get it! Secondly, to my lovely Aussie readers, here is an awesome bargain you might like to get your hands on! If you don't know already Target is having a "below cost / purple sticker" sale at the moment. On a sale table I found some bargain Australis products. Probably because Target is no longer stocking Australis. There was a black make-up bag with their fritz spray, primer and powder for around $10 and a gift-box which contained a nail polish, lipgloss, earrings and some other things I can't remember (having a mind-blank moment, sorry). Anyway the bargain I got is this:

An Australis eye shadow palette consisting of eight different colours in a great packaging for $4.83. I haven't worn them yet but I quickly swatched them so if you like what you can see you can hunt this bargain down!

The packaging is black plastic but feels quite sturdy, there is a huge mirror in the compact and it also comes with a good applicator. Here are the swatches, enjoy!

Cheers and have a great Friday night. I need to rush off now and get ready.....eeeep why do I always run behind schedule? 

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