Sunday, 5 May 2013

Boogie Wonderland Accent Nail

Hi guys,
Face of Australia has recently released their Glitterati limited edition collection of polishes. The collection consists of 4 clear-based glitters and 3 milky glitters reminiscent of indie polishes. I'm not a huge glitter lover but I don't mind an accent nail! And if you apply a peel-off base coat removal is super easy and fun too!!!!! Remember when you were a kid and you were put PVA glue over your fingers and peel it off?

Anyway, today I have for  you a manicure using Rimmel London's Grey Matter and the accent nail is Boogie Wonderland. Boogie Wonderland is amazing, I love it to bits!!!!! Maybe this is the glitter that will turn me into a glitter lover?!!!

 In a milky white base you have medium sized blue, fuchsia and orange hexagon shaped glitters as well blue and green bar glitters.

You need a couple of layers however the glitter applies relatively easy - you don't need to place the hexagon glitters however the longer bar glitters can be a little troublesome. They don't all sit perfectly flat and a couple curl up. I had one that was sticking up out of the polish but I pulled it out and it didn't mess the manicure up or anything....easy solution!

Overall I am super impressed by Boogie Wonderland. They normally retail for $4.75 at K-Mart and Priceline however I believe K-mart has $4 off all FOA products making these only 75 cents? I read this somewhere so I don't know if its right but I assume so....

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  1. The glitter one is so much fun! I love the name too.

    PS: I'm hosting a Suigo hair pack giveaway; hope you enter:


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