Friday, 17 May 2013

Green and Blue Striping Tape Nail Art

Hi guys, 
today I have some nail-art to show you. Well I say "nail-art" but it's really just an accent nail. I don't really have the time do extravagant designs on all of my nails and I think less is more.I love nail-art but I also think simplicity is stunning so I like this compromise! What do you think?

Anyway I started with one coat of Ulta3's 'Mermaid Green' which is a fantastic one-coater polish and only costs $2, bargain! Then I used some striping tape and Ulta3's 'Blue Merlin' to create the accent nail. 

I'm pretty pleased with the accent nail and love colour combo. These polishes applied effortlessly and dried quickly. Thank you all for reading and enjoy your weekend, 

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