Sunday, 19 May 2013

Project No Buy Week #1

Hi guys, I've re-started doing the project no buy thing where you earn credit for achieving goals each week and then you can go spend this credit on make-up, nail-polish and the like. Hopefully this will get me to be more productive with my university work and manage my budget better.

The goals for this week were:

1. Draft/Plan for case-analysis completed for Thursday's class. 
2. Go on two power-walks. 
3. Post a nail swatch and photograph two nail swatches minimum. 
4. Eat healthy snacks.

So lets see how I went....

Goal one was not completed :(
Goal two was completed successfully. I actually went on four power walks :)
Goal three was completed successfully as well. I hope you enjoyed my blue and green striping tape mani. Click here if you missed it! I was actually pretty proud of it.
Goal four was attempted but not completely successful considering I had two muffins whilst at uni this week and a couple of mint slice yummy!

Overall I achieved 2 out of 4 goals which mean I gain $6 credit however I also got two assignments back and received a HD and D which means I reward myself with an extra $45 for the good marks :) Phew! My current balance is therefore $51.00.

My goals for next week are:
1. Go on four power-walks.
2. Take water bottles to university to save money.
3. Complete three weeks of neuroscience notes.
4. Photograph two nail swatches.
5. Write one product review.


Thanks for reading and I hope you have all had a lovely weekend! 

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