Monday, 27 May 2013

L'Oreal Color Riche Lipstick review #235 Nude

Hi guys, today I have product review for you that has been a long-time coming! L'oreal Paris has a fantastic range of lipsticks whose name I believe to be "Color Riche Made For Me Naturals" and there are also "Color Riche Made For me Intense" lipsticks out there too. They are advertised as being moisturising and contain Omega 3 and Vitamin E. In the "naturals" range there are 14 different shades designed to complement different hair colours and skin tones. If you go onto the L'oreal website (click here) you can see the colours available and it tells you, this lipstick is for brunettes with olive skin or whatever you are looking for. I think this is a great idea because I have a lot of lipsticks that I can't wear because they don't suit me but looked pretty when I swatched the tester.....

Okay anyway I guess I should rambling and get onto the actual product review.

Overall I think this is a fabulous lipstick and it is one of my absolute favourites. It feels luxurious and creamy upon application and glides effortlessly across your lips. It is a lovely nude colour and despite not being super pigmented it gives my lips a "my lips but better" look which I love. It is not drying at all and feels moisturising. It lasts easily for an hour and after two hours the moisturising feeling will have gone but that doesn't mean that your lips will be any drier than before you applied. For more details, keep reading.........

I'll start with the packaging, which is a classy (and sturdy) gold tube that clicks into place firmly when you place the lid on. I love the packaging and can't fault it. I've been carrying this around in my handbag for a couple of months and the lid has never fallen off and smeared lippy all over my stuff and the packaging still looks nice even though its a bit scratched. You can't really notice the scratches though.

Packaging Score: 9/10

The scent of this lipstick is absolutely divine, it has the traditional lipstick scent (yes I know, I'm absolutely hopeless at describing things) and again, I'm going to use the "L" word, I love it. If you don't like fragances in general this should still be fine for you because it's a relatively subtle scent and once you have used the lipstick for awhile the scent from the bullet seems more subtle and on the lips it doesn't stay around for too long anyway.

Scent Score: 10/10

This is a very nude colour and for me it gives my lips a "my lips but better" look. A very natural look but it's fantastic for every day wear and you can apply it without a mirror. It's not the most pigmented lipstick but (I think) that could be because it is such a nude, my lips but better look...

Pigmentation Score: 7.5/10

 I find the lasting power for this lipstick to be a little tricky to judge because it is a nude lippy. I get around a hour of perfect wear from this and after two hours most of the pigment has worn off. It  feels really luxurious and creamy when you first apply it and this feeling stays for around an hour. Upon application it glides effortlessly across your lips and feel moisturising. This moisturising feeling stays around for at least an hour. This lipstick is not drying at all, it feels moisturising for at least the first hour or so of wear and once it has worn off your lips are not dried out, they are simply returned to their original state.

Top: 1 swipe Middle: 2 wipes Bottom: 3 swipes

Lasting Power Score: 8/10

Moisturising Score: 8/10

Overall score: 9/10

Thanks for reading and enjoy the rest of the weekend :)

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