Monday, 13 May 2013

Project No Buy - Starting again.......

Hi guys, so awhile ago I was doing a "project no buy" of sorts where I set myself goals every week and if I achieved them I got "credit" I was allowed to spend on beauty products. I did do a post explaining the rules but I am going to quickly re-list them. University got really busy and I got really behind with everything. I also didn't take the no buy seriously enough and often went over my beauty credit allowance. I really love the idea of this project no buy (designed by Nancy, to check out her awesome blog click here) and I seriously need to pull myself together so I'm starting fresh.


1. I am not allowed to buy things like eyeshadow, foundation, primer, mascara, nail polish unless I have ran out and have no other alternative. Only essential products like shower gel, shampoo and doedorant can be brought without using my beauty "credit".

2. I am allowed to buy whatever I want (limited to $50) if I am at a shop I can't normally get to, if I see a product that is usually very hard to find or if there is a super major sale.

3. Credit is gained by following the rules of this no buy; achieving my weekly goals, good study habits, good marks, by using up products and staying ahead and being organised with my blog as well as successfully working toward my long-term goals for 2013.

So how do I get this elusive credit?

  • Completed goal $3 
  • All goals completed $5
  • Empty Product $1
  • Assignment marks: HD $30 D$15 C$4
  • Getting ahead on blog $4 
Credit: Credit:

Okay so now I am going to set my goals for this coming week. 

1. Draft/Plan for case-analysis completed for Thursday's class. 
2. Go on two power-walks. 
3. Post a nail swatch and photograph two nail swatches minimum. 
4. Eat healthy snacks.

If you want to participate in this please feel free to :) You can leave your link below if you want and I'll come visit! Wish me luck....


  1. This sounds like an interesting idea! I definitely want to try this project out :-)

    1. You definitely should!!! I find setting goals really useful and it's great to be able to "tick" things off at the end of the week! If you do this please leave your blog link.


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